Accelerating the transition to a sustainable and inclusive trade

We empower value chain actors with the means to address environmental, social and gender issues for a smooth transition to better production, consumption and trade.

Our areas of expertise

Who we help and how

Micro, Small and Medium-Enterprises (MSMEs)

We assist businesses in reducing their environmental impact, improving their working conditions and gaining access to new markets.

Business Support Organizations (BSOs)

We support stakeholders with gaining access to information, knowledge and skills to promote sustainability effectively, delivering all along the value chain.


We provide insights for policy-making to strengthen links between international trade and sustainability policies, aiming at a transition towards a sustainable economy.

Global Brands

We drive standards convergence and transparency to incentivize sustainable production and consumption.

See what they have to say
Daniela, coffee cooperative owner from Costa Rica
"Assisting my farmers to become organic certified was greatly facilitated using Standards Map."
Louisa, board member of Sustain4ever, Ghana
"Advising companies to become more sustainable is now made easy leveraging the Sustainability Gateway solutions."
Thui, Vietnamese Ministry of Trade, Trade Officer
"With the Hub Viet Nam, many companies have turned greener and have obtained access to green finance."
Claire, Quality Director, Lacoste
"Lacoste is leveraging the Sustainability Map platform to build the transparency of its global value chain."

The Sustainability Gateway Tools

Your one-stop-shop for solving sustainability issues

Standards Map:
Your roadmap to sustainable trade

A free tool to find transparent information and discover trends on standards for environmental protection, labour rights, business ethics and more.

Sustainability Map:
Transparency & trust

A free online gateway that enables businesses to promote their sustainable practices, increase their business opportunities and promote the transparency of international supply chains.
Empowering women

Connect, do business and learn within a strong network of more than 20’000 professional, potential business partners and investors.

Learn in our Knowledge Centre

Take a look at our E-learning courses, publications and the up-coming International Executive Programme in collaboration with leading world universities and top companies.

SheTrades Chapters and GreentoCompete Hubs

We deliver in-depth support to companies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean by training, coaching and mentoring them to implement sustainable business practices, such as climate resilience and resource efficiency.

European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) Responsible Soy Benchmarking Tool

Leading the way for sustainable soy to enter mainstream European feed markets.

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